Our Visual Design curriculum aims for our students to develop creative problem-solving ability, and artistic sensibility,
imagination and expressive techniques. We also offer future-oriented programs that employ new media.


Major Courses
Corporate Image Design I Visual Design I Computer Graphics II Expressive Techniques
CAD Practice I Editorial Design Principles of Design Illustration Practice
Design Methods Molding Design System Color Planning
Product Design Rendering I 3D Molding Photography Techniques
Drawing I
Major In-depth Courses
Graphic Design Research
Special Lecture Courses
Introduction to Computation
“Change the world with visual language!”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Industrial Engineer Colorist
  • Industrial Engineer Visual Design
  • Multimedia Contents Producer
  • GTQ I, II
  • GTQi I, II

Path after Graduation

Editorial Designer, Visual Designer, Ad Designer, Web Designer, Company PR, Advertisement, Company, Marketing Survey,
Magazine Publisher, Cable TV, Internet TV, AD Agency, Computer Graphic Design , Publish Planning, Event Planning, Freelancer,
Self-employment, CF Producing Company, Media Production, CD-ROM Title Designer, TV Art Designer

Expected Distribution of Employment