As people want quantitative improvement in life, they demand visual and synesthetic design sensation.
We aim to educate and train space design experts who can incorporate spatial, cultural, life and environmental considerations
based on in-depth understanding of space functionality, balance with the environment, aesthetic beauty and humanity.


Major Courses
Design System Principles of Design Color Planning Design Methods
Computer Graphics II Expressive Techniques Photography Techniques Molding
Furniture Design Editorial Design CAD Practice I, II Drawing I
3D Molding Illustration Rendering I Portfolio
Product Design
Major In-depth Courses
Graduate Work Research
Special Lecture Courses
Introduction to Computation PC Utilization I IEnglish Conversation I
Aesthetics of space! Creator of beautiful space”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Engineer Interior Architecture
  • Industrial Engineer Interior Architecture
  • Engineer Architecture
  • Industrial Engineer Architecture
  • Furniture Design Drafter
  • Craftsman CAD in Civil Engineering
  • GTQ I, IIr
  • GTQi I, II

Path after Graduation

Interior designer and coordinator, lifestylist, displayer, interior design firm, architectural design, construction company, magazine publisher,
interior design-related freelancer, CAD/CAM company, furniture manufacturer, design team of a company, department store interior design team,
lamp manufacturer, TV station, stage design team or company

Expected Distribution of Employment