We educate and train experts needed in game development who will be proficient in knowledge
and skills in game programming techniques in various platforms.


Major Courses
Game Studies Basics of Game Programming Basics of Game Graphics Idea Conception
Game Analysis Game Label Design Game Scenario Game Designs
Game Project Management Game Interface Design Game Project Practice Portfolio
Basics of Game Planning C-Language I Windows Programming I, II Mobile Programming
Internet Programming
Major In-depth Courses
Mobile Game Development Object-oriented Programming Game Development Exercise Game Optimization
Game Graphics Programming Basics of Game Sound
Special Lecture Courses
Introduction to Multimedia Introduction to Computation PC Utilization I Internet Utilization I
English Conversation I Practical English Conversation Leadership, PE
“Let’s make NPCs move!”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Game Planning Specialist
  • Game Programming Specialist
  • Game Graphics Specialist
  • Multimedia Contents Developer
  • Industrial Engineer Information Processing
  • Computer Utilization I, II
  • ICDL
  • Certified Administrator

Path after Graduation

Game beta tester, game scenario writer, game system manager, game director, self-employment in game development, mobile game programmer, game server programmer, game engine programmer

Expected Distribution of Employment