We educate and train proficient cooks who understand the basics of Western cooking,
grasp both theoretical and practical aspect of it and retain international perception in culinary art.


Major Courses
Western Cuisine I, II Korean Cuisine I, II Food Science Nutrition
Management & Commencement Foodservice Business Theory of Cooking Menu Management Food and Culture
Cooking Terms Basic Practice of Food Styling Japanese Cuisine I, II Introduction to F&B
Practice of Creative Cooking I Baking Practice I Kitchen Facilities Chinese Cuisine I, II
Special Lecture Courses
PC Utilization I Introduction to Management
“You can be the best if with the best!”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Industrial Engineer Food Processing
  • Master Craftsman Cook
  • Master Craftsman Confectionary Making
  • Craftsman Cook (Korean, Western, Japanese and Chinese food, confectionary making, baking and blowfish)
  • Industrial Engineer Cook (Korean, Western, Japanese and Chinese food and blowfish)
  • Sanitary Control Manager
  • Foodservice Sanitation Manager
  • 2nd Degree Food Coordinator

Path after Graduation

Hotel cook, restaurant cook, institutional foodservice cook, family restaurant, food company, food-related researcher, cooking-related lecturer, traditional food and cultural researcher, transfer to a university / graduate school

Expected Distribution of Employment