Patissier is a French word meaning ‘pastry chef’. Pastry incorporates desserts, bonbon au chocolat, petits fours, sucre d’art, chocolat d’art and more.
We provide curriculum covering from the basics to professional level confectionery and baking.


Major Courses
Sugar Art Practice Baking Practice I Cake Decoration Confectionery I
Western Cuisine I Bakery Management Baking Materials Science of Baking
Theory of Foodservice Business Food and Health Nutrition Food and Principles of Cooking
Basic Practice of Food Styling Special Baking Practice Espresso Extraction Frozen Dough Baking
Food Materials Science Confectionery & Baking Practice II
Special Lecture Courses
English Conversation I PC Utilization I Music Appreciation I Table Tennis
The best expert in confectionery and baking!”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Craftsman Confectionary Making
  • Craftsman Bread Making
  • Baking Master
  • Chocolate Master
  • Cake Designer
  • Barista
  • Industrial Engineer Food Processing
  • Craftsman Cook Western Food
  • Craftsman Bartender
  • 2nd Degree Food Styling
  • Foodservice Sanitation Manager
  • Sanitary Control Manager

Path after Graduation

Dessert café manager, window bakery manager, luxury hotels, franchise (Paris Baguette, Tous les Jours and Shilla), café, lecturer, food manufacturer (ice cream, chocolate), self-employment, transfer to 4-year college or graduate school

Expected Distribution of Employment