7We focus our education to produce coffee experts who retain expert knowledge on and abundant experience
with coffee and other beverages and will lead the world coffee industry.


Major Courses
Science of Coffee Espresso Extraction Latte Art Café Menu
Coffee Bean Roasting Practice of Beverage Service Convention Banquet Planning Introduction to F&B
Introduction to Wine World Food and Culture Service Manner Tourism Marketing
Tourism & Japanese I Tourism & English I Restaurant Operation Cocktails and Bartender
Restaurant Management Table Coordination I Cocktail Making I
Major In-depth Courses
Hand Drip Practice Café Management Basics of Barista Coffee Extraction
Coffee Cupping Barista Special Lecture
Special Lecture Courses
Introduction to Management Introduction to Computation
“Ready baristas to lead the coffee industry!”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Coffee Barista I, II (Korea Coffee Association)
  • Coffee Master (CAEA)
  • Barista (AHLA, US)
  • Barista Lvl. 1, 2 (SCAE, Europe)

Path after Graduation

Coffee expert, coffee roaster, café consultant, coffee-related company, hotel F&B department, coffee shop, barista trainer, machine engineer, overseas employment, transfer or graduate school

Expected Distribution of Employment