7We place our educational focus on developing knowledge and skills required by wine bars,
wine restaurants and other wine shops and the general wine market.


Major Courses
Introduction to Wine Wine and Service Cooking and Wine Cocktails and Bartender
Introduction to F&B Beverage Service Wine Testing Café Menu
Table Coordination I Science of Coffee Convention Banquet Planning Espresso Extraction
World Food & Culture Restaurant Management Cocktail Making
Major In-depth Courses
Introduction to Wine II Practice for Sommelier Competition Wine Marketing Oenology
Wine Business Wine Aroma Practice Blind Tasting Cocktail Making II
Sommelier Certification
Special Lecture Courses
Introduction to Management Introduction to Computation PC Utilization I Physical Education
“Wine experts through exploration of aroma!

Certificates of Qualification

  • Sommelier
  • International Sommelier
  • Sommelier I
  • Wine Advisor
  • Junior Sommelier
  • Beverage Planner
  • Beverage Master
  • French Bordeaux Wine
  • Craftsman Bartender

Path after Graduation

sommelier, wine bar, wine restaurant, overseas hotel & resort, wine importer, wine training institution,
overseas hotel & resort restaurant, wine bar, sommelier training instructor, wine shop, transfer to 4-year university

Expected Distribution of Employment