We aim to make life more affluent by organically associating humanity with all environments. Our curriculum focuses on creating beautiful space art by enhancing pleasantness and aesthetic efficiency with various flower and botanical materials from the nature.


Major Courses
Display Flower Work Expression I Horticultural Science Flower Art
History of Flower Art and Culture Craftsman Flower Design Drawing I Portfolio
Bouquet Making Table Coordination I, II Photography & Expression I Expressive Techniques
Banquet Practice Basic Molding Flower Design and Practice Cooking and Wine
Event and Flower Display
“Create space art with the beautyof flower!”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Craftsman /Engineer Floral Design
  • Industrial Engineer / Engineer Landscape Architecture
  • Industrial Engineer / Engineer Colorist
  • Horticultural Therapist
  • Craftsman Indoor Garden
  • Florist

Path after Graduation

Florist, wedding florist, flower lecturer, media coordinator, flower shop manager, party planner, transfer to 4-year university, graduate school/p>

Expected Distribution of Employment