A photo is a film language, the third language beyond the language of text. We aim to educate and train competitive photography experts
who can lead the field in the 21st century in advertisement, reporting, pure art and media production.


Major Courses
Introduction to Photography Chromatology Expressive Techniques Portfolio
Photographic Techniques Computer Graphics II Photography and Expression I CAD Practice I
Food Advertisement Shooting llustration
Special Lecture Courses
Basic Practice in Photography Introduction to Multimedia History of Photography Photo Shooting Practice
Table Tennis Badminton English Conversation I Golf I
Kendo I
“Communicating with life, photographic art! The best photo artist

Certificates of Qualification

  • Craftsman Photography
  • multimedia contents specialist
  • industrial engineer colorist
  • engineer visual design
  • industrial engineer visual design

Path after Graduation

Photographer, fashion photographer, newspaper or magazine reporter, ad agency, TV camera crew, corporate PR team,
photography-related lecturer, video journalist, media designer

Expected Distribution of Employment