In order to educate and train talents with sound mind and body required by the state and industrial societies and to promote health and
physical strength of our citizens, we provide scientific and systematic education in physical training.


Major Courses
Training Methods Guidance to Leisure Sports Introduction to Leisure Sports Sports Center Practice
Korean Cuisine I, II Theory of Cooking Basic Practice of Food Styling Food and Culture
Leisure and Recreation Exercise Physiology Sports Injuries and First Aid Sports Nutrition
Judo I Self-Defense
Special Lecture Courses
Swimming I Golf I Basketball Bowling
Table Tennis Soccer Tennis Kendo I
“Physical training professionals with expert knowledge and skills inphysical education and science

Certificates of Qualification

  • Physical Trainer III
  • Game Instructor II
  • Sports Instructor
  • Sports Instructor for the Disabled
  • Youth Sports Instructor
  • Sports Instructor for Elders
  • Exercise Specialist
  • Recreation Instructor
  • Child Physical Trainer
  • Lifeguard
  • Water Safety Instructor
  • Various Referee Licenses
  • Sports Massager
  • Various Martial Arts Degrees
  • Youth Instructor
  • Sports Manager

Path after Graduation

Physical trainer, child physical trainer, sports team manager or coach, sports instructor, workout trainer, personal trainer, sports game recorder / scorer,
athlete, sports manager, trainer, sports facility manager, fitness instructor, referee, diet programmer, sports massager, recreation instructor, sports and physical training lecturer, lifeguard, youth instructor, transfer to 4-year university, graduate school

Expected Distribution of Employment