With the changing values and social environment, we are faced with a wide range of danger elements that threaten us every day.
Consequently the demand for security experts is on the rise. We educate and train professional close protection operatives.


Major Courses
Security Science Private Security Criminal Law I Introduction to Terrorism
Daily Etiquette Police Arrest Techniques Methodologies of Close Protection Criminology
Judo I Self-Defense Sports Physiology for Coaches Exercise Physiology
General Provisions, Civil Code
Special Lecture Courses
Kendo English Conversation I PC Utilization I Table Tennis
Introduction to Management Current English Practical English Conversation
“Security / safety experts contributing to social safety and development

Certificates of Qualification

  • Security Instructor
  • Close Protection Operative
  • Certified Administrator
  • Certified Administrator
  • Various Martial Arts Certifications
  • CPR
  • Crime Stopper

Path after Graduation

Presidential Security, police, NIS, military security unit, security company, private security firm, 101 Security Group, airport police, airlines, close protection operative, security instructor, financial institution, martial arts center, military career (army, navy, air force, marines), transfer to 4-year university

Expected Distribution of Employment