With the changing values and social environment, we are faced with a wide range of danger elements that threaten us every day. Recently, there is an increasing interest in defense with the ability to keep the body itself, and the physical fitness for body care. According to this reason, this course major goal is to train the skills that professional director with excellent Martial Arts & Sports skills and knowledge.


Major Courses
Theory of Police Methodology Study of Protocol Study of Public Security Study of Criminology
Introduction to Law Study of Criminal Law Study of Police Administration Practical Study of Arrest Technique
Study of Terrorism Judo I Science of Defense Criminal Psychology
Theory of Health Training Introduction to Guard & Escort Theory of Sport Physiology
Major In-depth Courses
Practice of Guard & Escort Sports Business Management Theory of Martial Arts & Sports Management of Security
Practice of Martial Arts & Sports I, Ⅱ Study of Life Style Sports Study of First Aid Manual Sports Psychology
Marine Sports Sports Management
Special Lecture Courses
Leadership PC Utilization I English Communication Human Behavior and Society Environment
Introduction to Psychology English TOEIC Music Appreciation
“Make a perfect a director to contribute to the safe and healthy on our life and
to development of Martial Arts & Sports!”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Certification of Martial Arts & Sports
    (Judo, Taekwondo, Special Merit)
  • Certification of Sports Referee
  • License of Fire-Safety
  • Master of Life-Sports
  • CPR
  • Sport Massage
  • Recreation
  • Sports Therapist
  • Master of Sports Management
  • Private Security Guard
  • Official / Government Security Guard
  • Certified Administrator
  • Industrial Engineer Office Automation

Path after Graduation

Police officer, police administrator, court official, correctional officer, 101 Security Group, private security company, airport security, security instructor, transfer to 4-year University, Master of Sports Management

Expected Distribution of Employment