Counseling psychology is a three-year bachelor's degree programs, are helping to address more effectively the various human difficulties of social life and a purpose of this course is to helping ensure that counselors are able to help a psychologically healthy growth objectives.


Major Courses
Introduction to Psychology Theory of Mental Health Arts Therapy Human Relations
Major In-depth Courses
Family Counseling and Treatment Prevention of School Violence Physical Therapist Careers Advisor, Vocational Counselor I, II
Special Lecture Courses
Leisure & Recreation Introduction to Law Bowling Skills and Techniques of Social Work Practice
Skills and Techniques of Social Work Practice Practice of Social Welfare Social Welfare Law
Music Appreciation I Introduction to Psychology PC Utilization I English Conversation
Human Relations Introduction to Law Daily Etiquette Early Childhood Development
“Professional counselors to help development of the human behavior

Certificates of Qualification

  • Social Worker II
  • Job Counseling II
  • Computer Utilization III
  • Psychological Counselor II
  • Family Counseling II
  • School Violence Counseling II
  • Certified Administrator III
  • Art Therapist II

Path after Graduation

Social welfare official, Job Counseling, community service center

Expected Distribution of Employment