To make a welfare state intended by modern societies, we educate and train social welfare experts who scientifically understand humans
and society, foster intelligible sense of responsibility and retain skilled techniques


Major Courses
Introduction to Social Welfare Social Welfare Policy Social Welfare Administration Social Environment and Human Behavior
Social Welfare Field Exercise Local Community Welfare Family Welfare Volunteerism
Child Welfare Mental Health Human Relations Art Therapy
Rest and Recreation Introduction to Economics Food and Health Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Law
Special Lecture Courses
Welfare for People with Disabilities Welfare for the Elders Youth Welfare Skills and Techniques of Social Work Practice
Practice of Social Welfare Family Counseling and Treatment Social Welfare Law Research Methods for Social Welfare
“Leading social welfare practitioners for social realization”

Certificates of Qualification

  • Social Worker I
  • Child Counselor
  • Survey Analyst
  • Industrial Engineer Office Automation
  • Child Art Therapist
  • Recreation
  • Job Counseling I, II
  • Computer Utilization I, II, III
  • Psychological Counselor II
  • Career Counseling II
  • Book Art II
  • CPR
  • Certified Administrator III
  • Art Therapist II
  • Recreation II

Path after Graduation

Social welfare official, clinical social worker, social welfare institution, state welfare policy, therapist, counselor, child welfare center, youth welfare center,
welfare center for people with disabilities, welfare center for the elders, welfare center for women, family support center, school, community service center,
self-sufficiency promotion center

Expected Distribution of Employment